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Jama Yassin: Transforming Somaliland One Crop At A Time

The greatest revolutions in history often started with the smallest decisions. Growing up with a desire to improve the standard of living in Somaliland, Jama Yassin defied the norms by choosing a business path that was unconventional in his community. He talked to the Tony Elumelu Foundation team about his

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‘’Africapitalism begins with you!’’ – Riziki Jailos Messa

With conviction in the philosophy of ‘’Africapitalism’’ and the believe of founder, Tony O. Elumelu that “no one but African can develop them Africa”, Tanzanian entrepreneur and CEO of Jagrin,  Riziki Jailos Messa has offered free finance consultancy services to the TEF 2017 entrepreneurs. Riziki writes on his decision to

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MyRide Africa: Where Technology Meets Matatu

In Kenya, matatu (or matatus) are privately owned minibuses. Often decorated, many matatu feature portraits of famous people or slogans and sayings. Likewise, the music they play is also aimed at quickly attracting riders. These minibuses ply set routes, run from termini, and are used for both inter- and intra-city

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Amani Katana is Making Waste a Resource Through Garb Tech

Few weeks ago, Amani Katana was part of the 1,000 Young African Leaders in Washington DC who listened to Founder, Tony O. Elumelu, CON share his journey through life and business. Amani says he could relate with the journey “He’s story resembles the stories of many successful entrepreneurs. Likewise, When

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TEF Made Me Dream Africa – Frank Mugarura, TEF Hub Lead Rwanda.

March 22nd 2016, Selection announcement was a memorable days for Frank Mugarura on his journey as a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur but that cannot be compared to the excitement of been bestowed the mantle of leadership as Rwanda Hub Lead of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur. Frank’s passion for entrepreneurship started early from

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