Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development

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This is the Foundation’s $100 million flagship entrepreneurship programme, with the mission to identify and grow 10,000 African entrepreneurs, create 1 million jobs, and add $10 billion in annual revenue across Africa over the next decade.  Applications are currently being accepted.

Africa’s economy is growing. But there are serious underlying problems, particularly for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which drive any sustainable economy. A critical gap is the lack of business leadership. Some studies show a need for over a million middle managers across all sectors in Africa. Successful African entrepreneurs also need recognition and access to global networks to unlock capital and new markets.

Our strategy to help address these issues is threefold: creating opportunities for skills transfer and exchange between MBA and MPA graduates from top global business schools and African SMEs; recognising and rewarding academic excellence; and leveraging our global networks to develop partnerships to foster mentoring. We aspire to help grow 1000 leading African SMEs into pan-African and global business that employ significant numbers, pay taxes and create prosperity and wealth. We also plan to build a world-class business school in Nigeria in the long-term.


TEF sees mentoring as a key plank in all of our programmes, not least for the value of creating a network of young African entrepreneurs whose mindset, outlook and business approach is pan-African, and global.  Plus mentoring can have an exponential impact, as beneficiaries of the programmes themselves become mentors to the next generation. We encourage all our Associates, host CEOs and Fellows to become active mentors.