In commemoration of International Women’s Day and the need to inspire a generation of women to do greater things in diverse fields of endeavor,, in partnership with Leading Ladies Africa, put together a list of Nigeria’s 100 Most Influential Women featuring 4 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs! Meet:

  • Achenyo Idabacha
  • Nkem Okocha
  • Kene Rapu
  • Joycee Awosika

Name- NKEM OKOCHA, class of 2015
Business­– Mamamoni

Mamamoni is a FinTech Social Enterprise that empowers poor rural and urban slum women with free vocational and financial skills and Mobile loans, our web platform enables socially conscious individuals lend poor women money to grow their businesses. Since inception we have empowered almost 4000 women with skills, tools and finance to help them start and grow their businesses, so they can feed and educate their children, thereby reducing poverty.

Impact of the Tony Elumelu Foundation

The bootcamp was an amazing platform to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs from other African countries for possible partnership in the future.

The Tony Elumelu foundation entrepreneurial training was top notch. The most important part of the training was the mentoring session. My mentor’s guidance was so excellent that we innovated our business toolkit for low-income women together. The TOE ways has helped me to embrace hard work more, be disciplined, set milestones for myself, accountable and more innovative



Name- JOYCEE AWOSIKA, class of 2015
Business­– ORÍKÌ

ORÍKÌ meaning (‘your crown/your origin’ in the Yoruba language) is a name carefully considered to reflect the inspired fusion of the brand, blending natural & organic ingredients & research to create extraordinary personal grooming products that are superior. The ORÍKÌ product range comprises of 37 products and growing, inclusive of serums, body scrubs, moisturizers, cleansers, body wash, eye treatments, and an ORÍKÌ for Men product range designed specifically for the shave and skincare needs of men all Made in Nigeria. ORÍKÌ is fueled by the aspiration to creating sustainable impact and influence in agriculture.

Impact of the Tony Elumelu Foundation

Since the inception of my acceptance to the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, I’ve had access to a mentor who is still my mentor till date. That connection was a great fit considering that my mentor is an expert in the area that I wanted to beef up the most. I owe this opportunity to the Foundation. Beyond this, the vast resources and knowledge bestowed on all Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs even after we graduate is beneficial and a great support to all businesses.


Name- KENE RAPU, class of 2016
Business­– Kene Rapu

We produce stylish, comfortable and durable slippers and sandals in a wide range of sizes, proudly made in Nigeria. Kene Rapu’s products are 100% made in Nigeria by talented local cobblers; are of impeccable quality, and strike a good balance between functionality, comfort, durability and style. We plan to be the Number 1 Nigerian footwear brand championing local production.

Impact of the Tony Elumelu Foundation

It was an honour to be chosen as one of the 1000 Entrepreneurs whose idea can transform Africa, it showed me that I had a great product and business plan and further fuelled my fire to keep working hard and aiming to be the best.


Name- ACHENYO IDABACH, class of 2015
Business­– MitiMeth

MitiMeth is a fast growing social enterprise making handicrafts from invasive aquatic weeds and other non-timber resources found in Nigeria. Founded by Achenyo Idachaba, Mithmeth is changing livelihoods for good by training and partnering with communities at the base of the economic pyramid to create these innovative and functional handicrafts. We are conscious about preserving our environment and inspired to transform renewable resources into beneficial use. MitiMeth products (multipurpose baskets, lamps, vases, ottomans, mirrors, coasters) are designed for those who have a taste for unique locally made handicrafts. Everyone who buys a MitiMeth product plays a vital role creating job opportunities and in keeping our waterways and land in prime condition for current and future generations.