The TOE Way Series

Feedback from the TOE Way series has been fantastic and we have now put all the 12 week insightful series together for you to read and catch up on. Week 1 of the TOE Way Series Week 2 of the TOE Way Series Week 3 of the TOE Way Series Week 4 of the TOE Way Series Week 5 of […]

TOE Way Series- Week 12

  “Staying the course; Staying power in the face of difficulty underpinned by strategic vision; long term vision.” -Tony O. Elumelu CON Read week 12 of the TOE Way here

TOE Way Series- Week 11

“As a child, as a student, as a young professional and now as an entrepreneur, Africa has always been the centre of my dreams, my aspirations and my prayers.” – Tony O. Elumelu Read week 11 of the TOE Way here  

TOE Way Series- Week 10

Have you ever had a meeting, forgot to follow up and moved on to the next thing? This week’s TOE Way Series shares insights on how to follow through and execute. Read the TOE Way- Week 10 here

TOE Way Series- Week 9

According to Merriam Webstar, Precision is the quality or state of being exact and Rigour is the quality or state of being very exact, careful, or strict. Businesses start with dreams, and succeed through execution of goals and plans. Read the TOE way on Precision and Rigor here

TOE Way Series- Week 8

The TOE Way Series- Week 8, focuses on hardwork. According to Tony O. Elumelu, “Discipline, Hard work, Sacrifice are what make a successful Entrepreneur. Success does not come on a platter. You have to work hard to be successful. You have to be disciplined and you have to make sacrifices.” Read week 8 here    

TOE Way Series- Week 7

  “Looking back, I find that a certain work ethic, a certain way that I do business, has contributed to my achievements. I would like these business values institutionalised for posterity.” – Tony O. Elumelu, CON Read week 7 of the TOE Way on Institutionalisation & Governance here 

MLP Week 6

TOE Way Series- Week 6

“If you fail to reward appropriately, in the long run you will not grow a sustainable business. It is like a chain. If you do not reward, people will not deliver. If people do not deliver, there is no business. I have embraced rewarding performance, as it is a very important leadership tool for getting things done.” -Tony O. Elumelu […]

TOE Way Series- Week 5

“We must know that we are what and how we project ourselves. You are who you say you are. Branding is the soul of an organisation. It is what really defines an organisation. Our organisation should be well represented in various manifestations – through our people, our writings, our interactions, our relationships.”- Tony O. Elumelu, CON Read week 5 of the TOE Way here

TOE Way Series- Week 4

According to, “People who are meticulous can be pretty annoying, what with their extreme attention to detail. But if that person is, say, your surgeon or your accountant, you’ll want them to be meticulous.” As an entrepreneur, there is a need for you to be meticulous in every aspect of your business. Read week 4 of the TOE Way here.