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Africapitalism: a New Way of Doing Business

By Kenneth Amaeshi Originally published here The recent sustained attention given to the economic performance of Africa is a sharp departure from the usual negative and patronising representation of the continent in the global media. The old narrative represented a continent riddled by wars, famines, disease and the burdens of

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Why Africa Needs Capitalism That is Aligned With its Development Needs

Originally published here Africans have long engaged in capitalist economic transactions. But the type of capitalism introduced by colonialists has not always been aligned with the needs of Africans. It remains overly informed and driven by agendas set outside the continent. These agendas primarily see Africa as a market for exploitation

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Africapitalism, African Business Leaders and Africa’s Development

Originally published here What does Africapitalism mean? What can it mean? How can it inform business decisions and government policies? Should business leaders and policymakers in African countries be involved in Africapitalism? Can they tell us their stories? Will they tell us their stories? What will their stories be? This

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Africapitalism: Unleashing the Power of Emotions for Africa’s Development?

By Kenneth Amaeshi Originally published here Africapitalism – “an economic philosophy that embodies the private sector’s commitment to the economic transformation of Africa through investments that generate both economic prosperity and social wealth” – is an emerging business philosophy from Africa spearheaded by one of the continent’s leading entrepreneurs, Mr Tony

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Africapitalism: Capitalism With African Values

By África M. Arino Originally published here Africapitalism is not a play on words: it’s an economic philosophy developed by Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. His philosophy represents the private sector’s commitment to the economic transformation of Africa through long-term investment that generates both economic prosperity and social value. The Tony Elumelu Foundation promotes

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A New Economic Philosophy for Africa

By Kenneth Amaeshi First published here Professor Kenneth Amaeshi writes about why Africa needs society-minded entrepreneurs, not glitzy projects, and how the economic philosophy of Africapitalism can guide the way There is a growing interest in entrepreneurs as the solution to contemporary global challenges—climate change, poverty, and disease. This view

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Africapitalism: A Management Idea for Business in Africa?

By Kenneth Amaeshi & Uwafiokun Idemudia The efforts to rethink the role of business in development, especially in developing countries, have facilitated the emergence of an array of concepts. Africapitalism – i.e. the private sector’s commitment to the socio-economic development of Africa – proposed and championed by Mr. Tony O. Elumelu,

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