The most efficient means of scaling the Institute’s capacity and broadening its reach across Africa

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The purpose of our research – to provide a unique and expert perspective on key challenges and laudable progress

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Insight is only as valuable as the extent to which it catalyzes positive change or solutions to problems

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Africapitalism is a movement that requires a well-planned, sustained effort to engage key stakeholders

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I applaud your steadfast commitment to the cause of Africa’s growth and development. Given it’s laudable objective, I am confident that Africapitalism will confront Africa’s economic challenge in a definitive manner. The Africapitalism magazine has the effect of holistically addressing the specific needs of Africa’s economy.

President Goodluck Jonathan
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I wish to recognize your leadership in the African private sector, especially through the launch of your Africapitalism Institute, on 8 May 2014. I look forward to its contribution on the debate.

Ban-Ki Moon, UN Secretary General