On June 16th 2016, Good Steward LLC conducted a webinar on Sales Optimization and Management for Startups in which 350 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs participated. They wrote about the experience and the importance of coaching startups.

The topic of our presentation was Sales Optimization and Management for Startups and our objective was to strengthen the ability of startups by Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs to deliver superior performance and unsurpassed value.

Thus, we spent sometime going to a lower level of abstraction in three key areas: demystifying the rudiments of effective selling; explaining the reasons why sales professionals fail, and identifying the required steps to successful selling.

We thoroughly enjoyed conducting the webinar and were pleased that the feedback from the participants was very positive, indicated that participants found the content interesting and informative, and that they were excited about participating in another session with us in the future. We are indeed huge supporters of the Elumelu Foundation and believe that the work that the Elumelu entrepreneurs are doing will not only, create jobs and drive economic development across the continent but will also, inspire future generations of entrepreneurs in Africa and within the African Diaspora around the world and we look forward to making a positive contribution to this vitally important program.

At Good Steward LLC we are committed to increasing awareness, commerce and investment between the African Diaspora in the United States and emerging countries across the African Continent.

An example of some of the work we are doing includes advising an African Fin Tech startup which is focused on payments and remittance; helping an innovative African software company source capital to transform the insurance sector; partnering with a US based Off Grid Solar Commercial Refrigeration Storage start up as it seek to address cold chain storage challenges across the Continent, and partnering with a US University that has an experimental off grid research farm that is powered by solar, uses no chemical fertilizer and utilizes aquaponics to grow vegetables and raise fish to serve low income communities; a methodology that could be transferred into the agricultural sector across Africa.

Good Steward LLC provides consulting and advisory services to help optimize the performance of innovative small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in the United States and emerging countries across the African continent. We are also passionate about facilitating awareness, commerce and investment between the African Diaspora in the USA and emerging countries across Africa.

We bring several decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in Strategic Planning, Acquisition Strategy and Execution, New Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Operations Management. We look forward to helping you position your SME for the next level of growth.