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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

The following definitions shall apply unless the context otherwise requires:


  1. Terms and Conditions
    • These Terms and Conditions as well as the Eligibility Criteria, Application Process and Selection Process are collectively referred to as the Rules of the Programme (“Rules”).





  1. Application
    • Applicants are not required to make any purchase or payment in order to access the website, submit an Application or become eligible for the Programme.
















  1. Eligibility
    • Due Diligence shall be carried out on the Successful Applicants to verify eligibility prior to any potential offer of a placement in the Programme. Applications that do not meet all or some of the eligibility criteria will not be accepted or will be dropped during the Programme.








  1. Ineligibility/Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
    • Employees from either the Tony Elumelu Foundation, companies within the HH Group, affiliates of HH and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for the Programme, either individually or as part of a team or Entity.




  1. The Business/Business Idea
    • Applicants must demonstrate that their business is set up, or in the case of a Business Idea will be set up, and based in Africa.




  1. Application Process and Selection Criteria
    • All Applications must be submitted online through the TEF Hub, which will open from 1 January and close on 1 March, annually (the “Application Window”).












  1. The Programme
    • The Promoter will select 1000 applicants annually to join the Programme. Only one representative from each business will have access to the TEF Hub and participate physically. However, it will be possible to share the training points with business partners to institutionalise our training to support the success of the business.


















  1. Travel and Visa expenses

Successful Applicants may wish to travel to attend the yearly Entrepreneurs Forum. All costs relating to travel and where applicable, obtaining a visa to attend the Forum shall be borne by the Entrepreneurs.





  1. Privacy Policy
    • By applying to the Programme, Applicants consent to have details of their Application – other than commercially sensitive information – featured in any media or promotional activity for the Programme being carried out by the Promoter. The Promoter will contact Applicants in advance of any media request for interviews. Successful Applicants shall not grant interviews independently of the Promoter and are required to inform the Promoter of any media request for interviews they receive directly. Failure to notify the Promoter may result in disqualification from the Programme.





  1. General
    • Internet access and adequate English language skills are required for the Application process. Candidates with no English reading or speaking skills need to translate the application content at own cost.